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Reach your clients through SMS



Our child friendly system even comes with manuals. Start sending smses in no time.


You control each sms. With reports and unit allocations, you also control your staff's smses.


Send smses anywhere in the world, anytime, from anywhere. You're not limited in your reach.


Send smses to all clients or to specific clients. Automated and schedule smses to be send.

"Our customers reach thousands of their clients everyday, internationally.
We deliver instantly and securely, every time.

Start reaching your existing and potential clients, today!
We have one of the most flawless systems on the market to assist you."

Smart SMS System

moduleSend customised sms' to individual clients and even pre-schedule delivery of smses.

Bulk SMS System

moduleSend bulk smses to as many clients as you prefer. Run campaigns.

SMS Short Codes

moduleGet your a short code to receive answers from clients on smses you've send.

SMS Long Codes

moduleGet your a long code to receive call backs from clients on smses you've send.

Growth and Retention with the Smart Bulk SMS System

Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Get your very Smart Bulk SMS System. We'll set it up on your own domain. You can access it anywhere, anytime. We'll also include 10 free sms for you to test your Smart Bulk SMS System.

No Contracts!

We have no contracts. Once your system is installed you send sms' whenever you need it. The sms bundle you bought is valid for 12 months. Use it anytime you need.


Run Campaigns

Save cost on marketing and market your campaigns directly. Get reports, see which sms' were not delivered. Set automatic pre-scheduled sms'. Send sms' to anywhere in the world!

Best Features

Set automatic scheduling, set immediate sending, get reports, verify delivery, track use of units. Apply short or long codes for clients to respond.

" Reach anyone on a mobile phone, anywhere.
Our Smart SMS System gives you access to over 900 networks in 170 countries."

Smart Bulk SMS System pricing

R249.00once off setup fee

Use on SA Website Company

  • R99-00 Subscription per year
  • 200 FREE SMSes with setup
  • Ticket Assistance
  • Manage your smses
  • No Setup on your domain
  • No Contracts
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R2495.00once off

System Setup on your own domain

  • Full Support
  • Manage your own system
  • Apply your Long or Short Codes
  • Full Setup on your domain
  • No Contracts
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    • Packages to suit your needs

      Unused SMS' remains valid for 12 months

      Best SMS rates & Easy Payment options

      International reach

      Save on advertising costs

      Start reaching your clients today!

      Order your SMS Packages Today

    • Short Codes to Receive replies to your messages

      Works across all major mobile operators

      Link your business for client response

      NO premium fees charged for SMS messages from short codes

      Order your SHORT CODE Today

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Thanks to technology, meetings with clients can be done via Skype or Google.
Our technicians and server staff are highly qualified and very innovative.
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